TK10SG solar waterproof magnetic 3G + WiFi gps tracker with internal 10000mAh battery, drop alert sensor

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TK10SG solar waterproof magnetic 3G + WiFi gps tracker with internal 10000mAh battery with drop alert sensor from 3G Mobile CCTV

TK10SG 10000mAh Long battery life mini portable 3G + WiFi GPS Tracker with magnet & waterproof & Drop Alert

TK10S solar waterproof magnetic gps tracker with internal 5000mAh battery is the perfect device for cover surveillance and tracking of containers, farm vehicles, construction excavators, high value movable assets and vehicles. The tracking device comes withfree gps tracking platom, public hardware communication protocol with clients for PC and mobile tracking software for iOS and Android smartphones and tablet PCs.




TK10S Magnet GPS Tracker is a flexible personal security device with multi-usage.
Uses a unique blend of GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi technology to help user locate their values both indoors and out.
Solar panel provides continuous charge during daylight hours enabling non stop power and continuous usage with one charge.
Single crystal silicon solar panel built-in, solar power: Directly sun shine 5.5V 50mA
Super mini size, easy to carry and hide
Maximum 30 days working time with 3000mAh lithium polymer battery
GSM+GPS positioning with Google map tracking
IPX7 Water-Proof design, Suit for outdoor usage
No installation need, easy attach to any iron surface with Strong Magnet, even on the car chassis just a second
WiFi version is an option to be selected SIM card will be pre-installed in the device before shipping to end user

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Indoor & outdoor  tracking with GPS+WIFI+GSM combined positioning technology. Up to 50 meters accuracy indoor and 5 meters outdoor

No SIM Needed

A great solution to ease the difficulty on selling trackers, which has to be inserted a monthly paid SIM.
User can purchase the device as a low price logger, and add Sim card to enable the advance functions when needed in the future.
  • Tracker online mode with SIM card, send the location information to the server, and no more any data lost
  • Logger offline mode with memory card, store the location information to memory card, it’s up to 10 years data store with 32G byte memory 

Logger Data

The logger data is stored in memory card and is divided by time and directory. 
It can be uploaded to the KingNeed web server used as GPX file, the standard GPS data file format which can be played via google earth or the third party software.
As a result of software and hardware optimization, 50% more significant improvement in the effective tracking time than the previous version.

Drop-trigger alarm


  • Drop alert will be automatically activated once tracker is attached on the iron surface.
  • Owner will receive a immediate drop alert by call or SMS once device is fell off the iron surface.

Radar Find Me


Precision active indoor tracking technology, Even without GPS signal, user can detect the signal strength which broadcast from the tracker through smartphone app in order to get close to the case.

IPX7 water-proof

waterproof 30 mins under 1 meter depth of water

Private Detective

Can be firmly attached under the CAR just a second

Flexible Portable

Suitable for tracking numbers of vehicles in family or company 

Home Alarm

Portable security device for safe and valuables


  • Size:
  • TK05SDW  117mm x 59mm x 30mm, Weight: 227g  
  • TK10SDW  153mm x58mm x 34mm, Weight: 369g 
  • TK15SDW  153mm x 58mm x 39mm, Weight: 465g 
  • TK20SDW   153mm x 58mm x 45mm, Weight: 569g 
  • Quad band; 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • GPS module: U-BLOX G7020-ST, 50 channel
  • GPS and GSM Antennae: Internal
  • Power:Rechargeable, Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Built-in Vibration/motion sensor
  • Position Accuracy: <5m
  • A-GPS: AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services



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Lens Normal lens
Manufacturer 3G Mobile
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