SP-B2 4G 5MP 4K live streaming trail camera with smoke, humidity and temperature sensor

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SP-B2 4G 5MP 4K live streaming trail camera with smoke, humidity and temperature sensor

SP-B2 4G 5MP 4K live streaming trail camera with smoke, humidity and temperature sensor

The SP-B2 is an infrared sensor camera is an infrared sensor independently developed and produced based on the needs of nature protection, forest fire early warning, and animal and plant research. It can transmit video, transmit images, and perform remote intelligent early warning monitoring and management through mobile APP. camera.

The video resolution supports up to 4K and the image resolution is up to 32 million pixels. The camera is equipped with an industrial-grade high-definition CMOS image sensor and automatically switches between day and night mode. It can take color photos during the day and black and white photos at night. SP-B2 infrared sensor camera combines 4G full Netcom network, wireless image transmission, ultra-low power consumption, large aperture lens, and no red exposure compensation.

Product Description
  1. Full Netcom 4G communication (5G, radio and television 700MHz network needs to be customized).
  2. Support remote video real-time viewing and real-time intercom. Cloud image storage supports remote control and modification of parameters. Supports close-range WIFI connection viewing, image playback, and more convenient setting functions. Supports mobile APP and computer management backend.
  3. When there is no network, it supports 1.2G/2.4G/5.8G wireless image transmission function. (Requires professional handheld image receiver and receiving station).
  4. External environmental sensors (smoke, temperature and humidity and various gas detectors) can be connected.
  5. The device working status information can be viewed remotely, including battery power, TF card capacity, signal strength, Beidou GPS positioning information, server space capacity and other information, and can be connected to third-party information systems.
  6. Supports uploading source files, compressed videos, thumbnails are optional, and supports resumed uploading at breakpoints.
  7. Supports up to 4K (4096*1920) audio video and 32 million photo pixels.
  8. Supports adapting to various ambient lights to ensure picture quality.
  9. It comes with a 2.4-inch high-definition display, which is convenient for previewing pictures, viewing information and various settings.
  10. Supports the installation of a minimum of 4 batteries and a maximum of 8 AA batteries and supports solar charging (using 1.2V rechargeable batteries).
  11. Supports the functions of taking photos, recording, and taking photos and recordings.
  12. Supports simultaneous start-up of photography and video recording, with start-up time less than 0.6 seconds.
  13. Industrial-grade product design, high and low temperature cold and heat protection, outstanding performance, strong stability, IP68 waterproof against rain and sand and dust impact.
  14. Industrial-grade starlight lens, videos and images are clearer in low light, F=1.6 large aperture lens, FOV=65 degrees and 90 degrees optional, wide spectrum compatibility, high and low temperature images without distortion.
  15. Ultra-low power consumption design, ultra-low standby current of 50uA.
  16. It adopts multi-angle large-sensing Fresnel lens, high-sensitivity anti-interference digital PIR, and multi-stage ADC digital signal amplification and filtering design to effectively reduce false triggers and false shots.
  17. Supports PIR + mobile intelligent dual detection, effectively reducing false triggers (built-in image AI algorithm, capable of humanoid tracking and recognition)
  18. It supports 850nm wavelength lamp, 940nm wavelength lamp without red exposure, and visible white light LED lamp. The fill light adopts a high-power concave lens combination, which provides a brighter light source and a longer distance.
  19. High shutter speed, effectively suppressing motion blur, built-in intelligent image algorithm, automatic adjustment of exposure, effectively avoiding overexposure at close range.
  20. PIR sensitivity can be adjusted in three levels: high, medium and low.
  21. The integrated ultra-high stability IR-CUT day and night switch makes the colour and black-and-white image quality clearer.
  22. Equipped with a 64GB memory card (TF card) that can be expanded.
  23. Photos can be synthesized with richer information, including shooting date, time, temperature, humidity, moon phase, device name, satellite longitude and latitude, etc.
  24. The shell is made of industrial-grade anti-aging outdoor materials (glass fibre + ABS + PC), which has better anti-aging performance against high and low temperatures, strong sunlight, wind and snow, weathering, ultraviolet rays, etc.
  25. Working temperature -30℃ to +85℃.
  26. Multiple language switching (Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French...)
  27. Equipped with background management software, it has functions such as image and video browsing, label setting, batch modification of image information, batch deletion of shooting content, equipment management, and historical data management.
The camera can be used as the hardware terminal of the forest fire monitoring and early warning system.
The system can monitor various meteorological information in the forest in real time and upload the information to the environmental monitoring Cloud platform to achieve remote data transmission, video remote viewing, data over-limit alarm, etc. function to assist users in preventing forest fires.

Product performance description

The SP-B2 infrared sensing camera is tailored for nature conservation, forest fire prevention, and animal/plant research. It
offers remote intelligent warning and monitoring via a mobile app, leveraging 4G technology for stable data transmission. With a
1080P video resolution and 3200-megapixel image resolution, it switches seamlessly between day and night modes for all-weather

Product Usage

Camera external structure

The shell of the SP-B2 infrared sensing camera is made of high-strength ABS waterproof material, ensuring its durability and
toughness. It is equipped with an industrial-grade starlight lens that boasts a large 2.0 aperture and a wide 120° field of view,
providing an extensive monitoring range. Additionally, the camera is equipped with six high-power infrared lights and a 20-meter
90° PIR sensor, ensuring efficient monitoring in various environments.


Internal structure of the camera

The SP-B2 infrared sensing camera boasts numerous advantages. Its 2.4-inch high-definition color display offers clear and vibrant
visuals for an excellent viewing experience. The silicone buttons are wear-resistant, comfortable to touch, and easy to operate.
Furthermore, it is powered by eight AA batteries, providing strong battery life and ensuring stable operation for extended
periods. Whether it's for fieldwork, forest fire prevention, or animal and plant research, the SP-B2 infrared sensing camera can
reliably capture crucial moments, making it a valuable tool for researchers and nature enthusiasts.

Product Paramenters
PIR Distance
20 Meters
Video Resolution
Image resolution
F=2.0 FOV=120°6G
64GB(Max TF 128GB)
Standby Time
12 Months
Image Sensor
5MP Color CMOS
Video duration
Working current
operation temperature
Solar charging



More Information
Megapixels 5MP
Lens Wide angle lens
Manufacturer 3G Mobile
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