PET 210 GPS Pet collar tracker with iOS and Android tracking app

PET 210
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PET 210 GPS Pet collar tracker with iOS and Android tracking app from 3G Mobile CCTV

PET 210 GPS Pet collar tracker
The PET 210 GPS pet tracker is the latest in GPS tracking technology for your pets. With thousands of pets going missing or being stolen, the PET 210 has a leading edge Android / iPhone APP, specially designed for PET-210 Pet Tracker so that you can track your pet from your smartphone. It supports Real-time Tracking, Geo-fence Alarm, Low Battery Alarm and History Playback, PET 210 helps you keep in touch with your pet through Smart phone. If you pet leaves an area that has been geo fenced an alert will be sent directly to your smartphone to notify you.
•  Set the Geo-Fence with your iPhone or Smart Phone via BLE4.0 technology.   The working range is around 40 meters in open space.
•  Built-in 710mA Li-Polymer battery, the working time could last around 1 year   as long as your pets are within the Geo-Fence range.
•  When your pets run away from the Geo-Fence area, GPS will be turned on   automatically and send an alarm to your phone and show the location on the  map.
•  Built-in u-Blox MAX7 GPS module to support fast positioning by AGPS in the  city area and by Cell ID even without GPS signal.
•  Working with both Android & iOS APP.
•  Support Smart Tracking Mode.
•  Auto Power Saving.
•  Support Low Power Alert.
•  The device also features real-time tracking, so you can watch where he goes,  a history function that logs doggie wanderings, and a low-power alarm.
   MAX7 GPS module  
   Receiver type
   56 Channels
   GPS L1C/A
   Cold Start    30 s
   Warm Start    28 s
   Hot Start    1 s
   Aided Starts2    5 s
   Tracking & Navigation    -160 dBm
   Reacquisition    -160 dBm
   Cold Start    -147 dBm
   Warm Start    -148 dBm
   Hot Start    -155 dBm
   Horizontal position accuracy4
   Autonomous    2.5 m
   SBAS    2.0 m
   Accuracy of time pulse signal
   RMS    30 ns
   99%    60 ns
   Frequency of time pulse signal    0.25 Hz … 10 MHz (configurable)  
   Max navigation update rate    10 Hz
   Velocity accuracy5    0.1 m/s
   Heading accuracy5    0.5 degrees
   Operational limits6
   ≤ 4 g
   50,000 m
   500 m/s
   Air Interface
   GSM or GPRS Quad Band
   Power Consumption
   GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
   3GPP Release 99
   class 4 (2 W) for 850/900 bands
   class 1 (1 W) for 1800/1900 bands
   GPRS Class 10, CS1-CS4-up to 85.6  kb/s
   PBCCH support
   Power Off - < 90 μA
   Idle Mode - <1.6 mA
   Telephony GSM - < 300mA
   GPRS class 10 - 410 mA
 GSM Sensitivity
   850/900 MHz
   1800/1900 MHz
   -110 dBm
   -110 dBm
   AT Commands
   PDU / Text mode / Cell broadcast
   3GPP 27.005, 3GPP 27.007
   u-blox AT command extension
   3GPP 27.010 MUX protocol
     SARA-G340/G350 only
   Voice HR / FR / EFR / AMR
   Echo cancellation
   Noise reduction
   Protocols Embedded TCP/IP, UDP/IP,
   Network Jamming detection
   GNSS Interfaces Direct access to
   GNSS via module
   AssistNow software for faster
   CellLocate & Hybrid Positioning
   Special features inBand modem
   eCall and ERA-GLONASS support
   nRF51 Series   
   Common IC architecture    ARM Cortex-M0 processor
   Multi-protocol 2.4GHz radio
   Common software architecture    Bluetooth low energy and ANT
   Easy, fast and safe application
   Up to 9.5dB better link budget    More robust radio link / longer range
   Up to +4dBm TX output power
   -85 to -96dB RX sensitivity
   Up to 50% lower current
   Powerful CPU reduces processing time
   100X faster and lower power CPU start-up
   PPI event and task controller reduces
 CPU activity
   Flexible power management
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Lens Normal lens
Manufacturer 3G Mobile
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