LTL Acorn Mini30 30MP HD 130 degree Trail Camera

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LTL Acorn Mini30 30MP HD 130 degree Trail Camera offers the best video & image quality of the Ltl Acorn trail camera range with no wireless connectivity for capturing amazing videos and pictures from 3G Mobile CCTV

LTL Acorn Mini30 30MP HD 130 degree Trail Camera

The Ltl Acorn Mini30 trail camera can capture 30MP images using a genuine 14MP image sensor, much higher resolution images than many of the wildlife and trail cameras on the market at the moment from 3G Mobile CCTV.

The Mini30 from Ltl Acorn is also capable of recording HD 1080P video footage coupled with crisp, clear audio.  In fact you can set the camera to take a photo first and then record a video clip too if you wish to, or you can just have it set up to record video only or capture photos only - all done very simply using the built in menu system.

Another benefit the Ltl Acorn Mini30 has over its competitors is that it's weatherproof to IP68 rating standard, again this is higher than many trail cameras on the market today.  Ultimately this should mean a longer lasting and more reliable trail camera across all seasons and in all weather conditions.  Throw in its tiny size and 128G micro SD card capacity (micro SD card required, not supplied) and you really do have a trail camera that's hard to beat!

Infrared / Night Vision - 940nm or White Light?

You have the option of choosing between 2 different versions of night vision with the Mini30.  You can opt for the common 940nm frequency infrared which uses "no glow" technology and so it ideal in security or covert surveillance situations.  The 940nm frequency will mean black & white video footage & photos in low light and dark night time conditions.

The other option is the "white light" version.  This version will offer colour video footage and photos day or night regardless of the light conditions.  Remember, the "white light" infrared version is not covert as it uses a "flash" technique similar to that of a normal camera, so for a 10 second video you will effectively have 10 seconds of a torch beam shining out from the camera but you will get some fantastic colour night time videos & images!

Functional features of products

  • The highest can be taken 1080P(1920X1080) 30fps Full HD video with audio.
  • The highest 30M shots can be taken, and the size of photos is 30M,14M, 10M and 3M.
  • A low power dual PIR sensor is developed by hunting science to make the camera standby current only.160uA
  • The shooting speed is fast: the camera starts from the trigger camera and takes only 0.6 seconds to complete the camera.
  • Double PIR infrared induction to avoid leaks and mistaken pats.
  • The highest support for 128G brand TF card, shooting more content.
  • File protection function to avoid filming of files deleted.
  • Use130° (7G + 1 IR CUT) Wide-angle lens, Have a wide angle of view.
  • MINI30There are three types of models, MINI30-850nm、MINI30-940nmandMINI30-white light LED (at night filming colour),MINI30-white light LED Model 24 Color photographs and videos are taken for hours.。
  • Super bright LED The design of the lamp has excellent night vision shooting effect in night photography and video brightness and can automatically switch the daytime and night vision shooting mode.
  • The camera delivers 4 AA (1.2V) ultra-low discharge self-discharge Ni MH rechargeable batteries, which are still 60% of electricity after 10 years.
  • The camera is equipped with 4 AA (1.2V) ultra-low discharge self-discharge Ni MH rechargeable batteries which are full of electricity, which can be outdoors for more than 8 months.
  • The camera supports external power supply or solar 7~12V charging to meet users' long-time field shooting.
  • After installing the external display key control box through the Type-C interface, the camera can be photographed, replayed and set as an ordinary digital camera.
  • The design of the fuselage is small, enhancing the concealment of hunting camera placement, size: 128x80x58mm.
  • The grade of waterproof is IP68.
  • Wifi communication model is optional.


Camera specifications:

 Image sensor: 14 million-pixel CMOS sensor

Camera lens: FOV=130°;7G + 1 IR CUT; Auto IR-Cut

Infrared light: 4 super bright lights (940nm, 850nm, white light optional)

External display key control box: 2.4 inch, 480 (RGB) *240DOT, 16.7M color, 6 keys.

Memory card: 1G-128G TF Card

Image size: 30M (6400 X 4800), 14M (4416 X 3312) ,10M (4416 X 2484), 3M (2048 X 1536)

Video size: 1080P (1920X1080) 30fps; 720P (1920X720) 30fps, VGA (640X480) 30fps

File format: H.264 MOV / JPG

Infrared induction distance: 20 meters (25 degrees or so moderate sensitivity)

PIR Induction angle: 100°

Work mode: both day and night

Trigger shooting time: 0.6

Trigger time interval: 0~60 minutes; can be set

Serial number: 1~3 tensioning; can be set

Video length: 1~60 seconds; can be set

Shooting mode: photo, video, photo and video

Language selection: Chinese, English

Microphone: high sensitivity audio acquisition

Loudspeaker: high fidelity loudspeaker (in external display key control box)

Playback magnification: there is

Image locking: there is

Time stamp: switch, including serial number, temperature, phase, date and time.

Timing set 1: open / close; set

Timing set 2: open / close; set

Password settings: 4 digits (0~9)

Numbering settings: 4 digits and letters (0 ~ 9, A ~ Z)

Timed compulsory photo: on / off; 59 seconds and 59 seconds at ~23 seconds; set up.

Circular storage: open / close; set

Power: 4 AA (1.2V) rechargeable Ni MH battery

(installing ordinary battery camera will not work)

External charging: USB interface; supporting external 7~12V DC charging or solar charging.

Standby current: 160uA

Working current: 340mA (+740mA when 940nm infrared LED lamp turns on; +620mA when white light or 850nm infrared LED light is on)

Automatic shutdown: TEST mode without operation 3 minutes automatic shutdown.

Interface: Type-C external display interface, TF card holder and USB interface.

Camera size: 128 X 80 X 58mm

Protection grade: IP68

working temperature: -20℃ ~+70°C

Working humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Authentication: FCC & CE & RoHS

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Megapixels 30MP
Lens Wide angle lens
Trail cameras No wireless
Manufacturer LTL Acorn
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