LTL Acorn Ltl-6210MG PLUS 2G 12MP hunting trail camera

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LTL Acorn Ltl-6210MG PLUS 2G 12MP wide angle 55 degree weatherproof hunting trail camera offers 2G network connectivity enabling the camera to send live notifications to the users smartphone via SMS after it has been triggered

LTL Acorn Ltl-6210WMG PLUS 2G 12MP 55 degree weatherproof hunting trail camera

The LTL-6210 PLUS models of wildlife trail cameras from Ltl Acorn basically takes the best features from the 6210 series and 6310 series cameras and combine them to make a more user friendly and longer lasting camera.

The 6210MG PLUS & 6210WMG PLUS models are upgraded versions of the old 6310MG & 6310WMG trail camera series. The 6210WMG and 6210MG 2G models provide basic wireless functionality will send a 640*480 picture to your smartphone and provides SMS support.

The 6210 series offer greater weatherproofing for increased durability, larger function buttons and a forward facing drop down LCD screen, enabling the camera to be set up and positioned easily.

This is the cellular version of the Ltl Acorn 6210 PLUS series wildlife trail camera, it uses the 2G network to send images to your email address or mobile phone if you want it to.  It's available with a standard lens (6210MG PLUS) or a wide-angle lens (6210WMG PLUS), the standard lens offers an angle of view of around 55 degrees and the wide angle offers around 100 degrees.  Take a look at the image below (click to enlarge) to get an idea of the different views that the 2 lens options will give you.



  1. Picture resolution 2MP/5MP/12MP
  2. Video size 1440x1080/1280x720/640x480 with audio record
  3. 0.8s trigger time
  4. Lens angle: Ltl-6210MC/MG PLUS is 55 degrees, Ltl-6210WMC/WMG PLUS is 100 degrees
  5. Ltl-6210MC/MG PLUS: 940nm (no glow) flash distance 18M, 850nm visible IR flash 35m, 44 LEDs
  6. Ltl-6210WMC/WMG PLUS: 940nm (no glow) flash distance 13.5M, 850nm visible IR flash 30m, 44 LEDs
    7. Compatible with 8M~32G SD card, memory overwrite
  7. Build-in 2.0〞TFT LCD display

9 Power supply 4~12×AA battery

  1. PIR Sensing Distance 18m
  2. Main PIR sensing angle: 35 degrees
    12. Side PIR sensing angle: 100 degrees
  3. Image Sensor: 5MP colour CMOS
    14. Ltl-6210MC/WMC PLUS: not support 2G network
    15. Ltl-6210MG/WMG PLUS: send picture at 640*480 by 2G network, SMS control supported
    16. Burst shooting: 1-3
    17. Time lapse available
    18. Low battery alert
    19. Working temperature: -45~+70℃
    20. Waterproof IP68
More Information
Megapixels 12MP
Lens Normal lens
Trail cameras 2G, GPRS, SMS, MMS
Manufacturer LTL Acorn
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