RTU5000 GSM RTU remote terminal unit (4I /2O/1AD/RS232 Ports)

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RTU5000 GSM RTU remote terminal unit (4I /2O/1AD/RS232 Ports)
RTU5000 GSM RTU remote terminal unit (4I /2O/1AD/RS232 Ports)

The GSM RTU(Remote Terminal Unit) RTU5000 is a universal GSM Remote Control and Alarm Unit. it provides 2 Opt coupler (Iso) outputs, 4 Opt coupler (Iso) inputs, 4 of the 4 Opt coupler inputs can be used as counter function, 1 AD input(0-5V) can setup Higher and Lower Value to alarm, and RS232 Serial Port. It allows you to monitor and control an alarm or remote stations or equipments or machines by SMS(Short Message Service) .

What Applications does the GSM RTU RTU5000 suitable for?

1. Security Alarm System applications;

2. Supervision and monitoring alarm systems

3. Automatic monitoring system;

4. Vending Machines;

5. Pumping Stations;

6. Buildings and Real Estate;

7. Weather Stations;

8. River Monitoring and Flood Control;

9. Oil and gas pipelines;

10. Corrosion protection

11. Valve controls;

12. Wellheads;

13. Energy saving, street lights control system;

14. Tanks, levels, temperatures, water leakage applications;

15. Transformer stations;

16. Unmanned machine rooms;

17. Control room application;

18. M2M;

19. GSM Access Control System, GSM Gate Opener, etc.

Mainly Features of the GSM RTU RTU5000:

1 Opt coupler (Iso)MOSFET Relay Output(Optionial), Current Drive ability note: >100mA, Patient Voltage note: 60V. It can be switched on by sending a SMS to the unit. Output mode: pulse. Outputs trigger by SMS commands, the width and the period of the pulse can also be set.

1 OC Drive Current: >500mA (continuous). Output mode: pulse. Outputs trigger by SMS commands, the width and the period of the pulse can also be set.

1 AD channel: 0-5V, 8Bits, Input Impedance: 50KOhm. If AD input value is higher than the setting “higher value”, or If AD input value is less than the setting “lower value”, the unit will be activated.

4 Opt coupler (Iso) Input, Input Drive Current: Min:0.5mA, Max:45mA (continuous) , Reverse Patient Voltage: 100V; Can setup as rising edge or failing edge or both the rising edge and the failing edge will activate the RTU.

4 of the 4 Opt coupler (Iso) can be used as “Counter Function”, multiplexed counter channel, the falling edge and the rising edge of it will be invalid. The channel can be activated by a pre-setting value (time or quantity). If there is overflow, it will loop.

When System initialization complete (by power supply or battery), will send the SMS to SMS recipient 1.

When power supply on, while supported by back-up battery, will send the SMS to SMS recipient 1.

If there is built in battery, RTU detects that the power level is lower than the pre-setting “lower value”, the event will be activated.

If the power supply disconnected or power off, the RTU will send SMS to SMS recipient 1.

Up to 4 mobile phones numbers can be pre-set as SMS Alarm number .

Up to 4 phones numbers can be pre-set as auto dialing Alarm number.

Password protected, prevents unauthorized user;

Can be set up and programmed from any GSM phone or PC through RS232 Cable;

Time stamped alarm messages.

Based on GSM Network.

Specifications of Mainframe

Parameter item

Reference scope

GSM Frequency

Default: 900/1800/1900Mhz , Optional: 850/1900/1800/1900Mhz

DC Power supply

Standard adapter: DC 12V/1.5A Min:7.5V Max:25V Type:12V

Power Current

Max:500mA Type :50mA

SIM Card

Supporting 3V SIM Card

GSM Antenna

50 Ω SMA Antenna interface, Cable type: Gain:3dBi cable-length:3-5meters connector :SMA . Portable antenna: Gain:2dBi height: 5cm connector: SMA


RS-232C, Default communication parameter 9600,n,8,0,1

Input Type

4 Opt coupler (Iso)

Input Drive Voltage

Min:2.5V Max:48V ,

Input Drive Current

Min:0.5mA Max:45mA (continuous)

Input Reverse Patient Voltage


Opt coupler (Iso) Output Current Drive ability


Opt coupler (Iso) Output Patient Voltage


Range of AD Voltage

Max: 50V Typ:0-5V

AD Input Digit


AD Input Precision

+/- 2%

AD Input Impedance


OC Drive Current

>500mA (continuous)

Exterior dimension



3.7V 950MAh LI-ION

Temperature range

-20°C ~ +60 °C

Humidity range

Relative humidity 2095% (condensation free)


130 g

** Electrical Characteristics @25°C<, /o:p>

Standard Package list


Power supply adapter X 1 (12V 1.5A)

Serial cable for communication X 1 (RS232)

CD (Pc programmer tool) X 1

GSM Antenna X 1

Optional Accessories:

Water Overflow Level Sensor, Oil Overflow Level Sensor, Water Leak Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Door Sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Gas Leak Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, Shock Sensor, Power failure sensor, etc.

The PC Programmer Interface:

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