Zadako Gecon Lite Plus

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Zadako Gecon Lite Plus is a GSM controller and communicator device
Zadako Gecon Lite Plus
Universal system 3 in 1
  • GSM small control panel PSN
  • GSM communicator / caller
  • GSM on-line messages sending

    GECON LITE PLUS with function of small control panel serves for managing of EPS system together with other system parts of EPS located in building. It secures the communication with other system parts, allows calling and on-line alarm messages sending through GSM network to four preset phone numbers.

    • GECON LITE PLUS is programmed by SMS messages or by communication software through PC.
    • System is activated and deactivated by using „DALLAS“ chips. (support of 8 chips).


    • Property protection – through the connection with a security system it can send alarm messages, spojením so zabezpečovacím systémom /EZS/ môže odosielať správy o poplachu,
    • inform about the system status and recognize the type of alarm (in form of a voice call or a text message),
    • remote control – it can control one electric appliance (1 relay) by sending a text message,
    • technological devices monitoring – the device can inform aboud power failure, eating failure, etc.,
    • temporary protection for new buildings, chalets, etc.

    Technical data:

    • Integrated GSM module
    • Triband GSM: GSM 900/1800/1900
    • Power consumption: standby mode 25 mA with 12V, communication 250mA
    • Power supply: 8-18V
    • Dimensions: 85 x 120 x 30 mm
    • Temperature range: -10 °C až + 55 °C
    • Connector for 4 inputs and 1 output
    • External SMA antenna
    • RS - 232 link
    • 4 programmable inputs
      • immediate / delayed
      • alarm / status / arming
    • 1 reley
      • managed by SMS messages
      • it can be programmed as a trouble output
      • siren output
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    Manufacturer Zadako
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