T13 Outdoor Portable GSM, GPRS, GPS Tracker for Lone worker

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T13 Outdoor Portable GSM, GPRS, GPS Tracker for Lone worker from 3G Mobile CCTV

T13 Outdoor Portable GPS Tracker for Lone worker

The T13 is the perfect solution for lone workers or elder people as a belt mountable device that has a builtin panic button, GSM/GPRS communications and GPS module that will send the persons GPS coordinates real time.

IPX7 Water-Proof design with belt clip built-in Panic button build-in
Maximum 400 days working time GSM+GPS positioning with Google map tracking
Remote Bug Monitoring function with DSP within five meters of effective  
Two battery version option:  
T13 with 5000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery 
T133 with 3000mAh Lithium-Polymer battery
WiFi + Logger version, WiFi and Logger version is an option to be selected

WiFi Location
The tracker will scan the nearby WiFi router signal and get the address from the Google database. This tracking mode works even indoor and accuracy is around 10-100 meters.

WiFi Fence
User can setup specific WiFi hotspot coverage as a fence, alert will be triggered when device enter or exit the fence. WiFi fence comparably smaller coverage, better accuracy and more stable than the regular geo-fence.

WiFi FindMe
Precision active indoor tracking technology even without GPS and WiFi signal, system is still able to broadcast WiFi signal as a WiFi hotspot, so user can detect the signal strength via app to approach the device. It is very helpful for user to get close to the device indoor

WiFi Upload
All location data will be uploaded to the server via WiFi channel instead of GPRS channel, when the tracker is set to WiFi upload mode. It is free of GSM charge when the tracker is set to WiFi upload mode.

Logger Option

A great solution to ease the difficulty on selling trackers which has to be bounded with monthly paid Sim in retails User can purchase the device as a low price logger, and add Sim card to enable the advance functions when needed in the future

NO Data Lost
The best solution for the fleet management. No more location data lost. The device will keep all the data in the large memory buffer when the device loses GSM connection, then automatically upload to the server when the signal gets back

Data Logger
The data logger is stored in memory card divided by time and directory. Support up to 32G byte memory card extend Data will be uploaded to the server or can be viewed via google earth or the third party software on PC

Panic button

IPX7 waterproof
waterproof 30 mins under 1 meter depth of water

Size: 99*58*25mm
GPRS:MTK 6260D Quad band; 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Antennae: Internal, GPRS Class
Power:Rechargeable, 5000 mAh, Lithium-Polymer Battery Built-in
Vibration/motion sensing
GPS: U-BLOX G7020-ST, 50 channel
Antennae: Internal
Position Accuracy: <5m
Sensitivity: Tracking: (R)C161 dB, Cold starts: (R)C148 dB, Hot starts: (R)C156 dB
Cold start:<27s, Warm Start: <5s, Hot Start: 1s
A-GPS: AssistNow Online and AssistNow Offline services



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Lens Normal lens
Manufacturer 3G Mobile
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