Mariner Drone waterproof quadcopter - Basic version

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Mariner Drone waterproof quadcopter - Basic version from 3G Mobile CCTV

Mariner Drone waterproof quadcopter - basic version (No camera or gimble)

3G Mobile CCTV is pleased to launch the Mariner Drone which is the world’s first and only amphibious Drone! It is a rugged, high quality, waterproof quad-copter that can be operated in virtually all types of environments.


The Mariner Drone is streamlined, waterproof and powerful. The quadcopter drone is larger and more powerful than the DJI Phantom 2 easily lifting a GoPro camera in its waterproof case or GoPro camera mounted on a gimbal. 

The Mariner Drone basic version comes as a fully Ready-to-Fly system that includes radio transmitter already installed and setup, and the NazaM-Lite flight controller with GPS and autopilot hover. This version is fully waterproof and you can hang a GoPro Hero camera in its waterproof housing on the bottom of the Mariner to gain video of your flights.

There are other versions of the Mariner Drone the offer additional functionality for obtaining professional video results with a stabilized camera, the full FPV (First-Person-View) version comes complete with onboard video transmission to a ground based LCD view screen attached to your controller. It also features the dual axis brushless gimbal with a mount to accommodate either of your own GoPro camera, or the FPV G3 Camera that mimics the GoPro size and specifications but designed to work with the Mariner gimbal.  The G3 camera is available for only 1/3 price of a GoPro Camera and comes with the wire to hook it up to the video transmitter. This FPV package includes everything you need including spare battery, extra blades, gimbal and video transmitter battery, charger for the LCD ground station screen, etc.

The RTF and FPV kit come with an aluminum briefcase that is light and easy to carry, with custom cut foam to keep everything safe and organized inside.

Pictures of the Mariner Drone:

 Mariner Base version01

Mariner Base version02

Mariner Base version03

Mariner Base version04

Mariner Base version05

Mariner Base version06

Mariner Base version07

Package Content:

1.Motors: 4215/650 KV specially treated brushless pancake (x4)

2.ESC: 40A high voltage/temperature ESC (x4)

3.Propellers: 12” Carbon-filled thermo-plastic #1238 (x4)*

4. LED lights:  Super strong LEDs with low battery warning

5. Two top cover (sealed cover, waterproof vented cover)

6. Quick-release landing gear.

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