KOUKAAM KNR-1004 IPCorder 4 cameras network video recorder

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KOUKAAM KNR-1004 IPCorder 4 channel ip network video recorder from 3G Mobile CCTV

KOUKAAM KNR-1004 IPCorder 4 channel NVR

3G Mobile CCTV is partnering with Koukamm to offer the Koukaam KNR-1004 IPCorder 4 channel NVR that will support up to 4 IP CCTV cameras for use in small businesses or home surveillance systems.

The Koukaam KNR-1004 IPCorder is a Network Video Recorder that will support up to 4 Cameras with PC, AppleMac & Linux compatibility.The unit comes with a  Smart Phone App for Apple and Android to view video remotely using your smartphone. The KNR-1004 will support up to 5MP cameras. The Koukaam KNR-1004 IPCorder supports Max whole data stream 16Mb/s, with 1 x HDDs @ 3TB giving 3 TB total storage 

IPCorder KNR-1004 is one of the smallest 3,5″ NVR's designed  for management of small IP cameras systems. The Koukaam KNR-1004 IPCorder is a powerful successor of KNR-09.  The KNR-1004 is dedicated for home and small business camera systems and allows remote access from all standard Internet browsers .  The KNR-1004 supports each of the most common operating systems: Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® OS X® and Linux. The KNR-1004 IPCorder privides easy access to live video, playback and configuration, and offers simple installation and usage and supports a wide range of cameras  including ONVIF compliant devices. Technical support is available in many languages. For more detailed information on Koukaam IPCorders go to www.ipcorder.com

Download the Android Phone App from Google Play here

Key Features
  • Standalone Linux based NVR
  • Manage/Record/View up to 4 IP cameras/videoservers simultaneously
  • Screwless hard drive installation
  • Web based access using Java - supports Microsoft Windows (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.), Linux and Apple Mac OS
  • Open solution - support of various IP cameras from different manufacturers
  • Easy setup of the unit and connected devices (many tasks done automatically)
  • Easy recordings search, playback and export
  • Easy remote access from the Internet - Fully automatic or Manual router setup
  • Truly Megapixel Ready - up to 5 megapixel cameras supported
  • Rule scripting language for programming custom scripts
  • Support of I/O devices, values also available for scripting
  • 1× 3.5" SATA I or II hard drive (not included)
  • High stability, no viruses, no spyware
  • Compact size and quiet operation
  • Low power consumption - green and cost effective solution
Other Features
  • Simultaneous display of more camera views in user defined matrix
  • Unique digital zoom feature with digital pan/tilt
  • Search recordings by motion detection or digital input events with date-time interval
  • Value/event charts displayed during search
  • Display of numerical values from IPCorder, cameras and sensors
  • Schedules for recording and Rule limitation
  • DHCP/static network configuration
  • NTP client for time synchronization
  • UPnP Presentation for easy search for IPCorders in network
  • Automatic recovery after power outage
  • 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
  • 1× USB (not used)
  • 1× 3.5" SATA hard drive (SATA I or II, up to 3TB capacity)
  • Total storage capacity up to 3TB
  • Hard drive not included
Recording Modes
  • Permanent or based on events (Motion Detection, digital input trigger etc.), both modes can work in defined Schedules
Remote Access
  • Router control - Off, Automatic, Static forwarding
Supported Cameras/Videoservers Other Supported Devices
  • Unlimited number of I/O devices
  • External I/O and sensor (temperature, humidity etc.) devices from company HW Group – Poseidon and Damocles products
Supported Browsers (FW 1.3.x)
  • Java based viewing
  • Microsoft Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and 8.0 (32-bit only) and higher, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and higher
  • Linux 32/64bit: Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and higher
  • MacOS X: Safari 4 and higher
Dimensions and Weight
  • W145 × H40 × D205 mm
  • Net weight 700 g
  • 12 V DC
Operating Temperature
  • 0 – 40 °C
  • CE, FCC, RoHS
Package Contents
  • IPCorder KNR-1004
  • Power adaptor 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz to 12 V DC
  • Power cable (Shuko type plug)
  • Quick Installation Guide, License agreement
  • CD with Discover Utility and documentation


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