LTL Acorn LTL-6210MC 12MP HD Video Trail Security Camera

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LTL Acorn LTL-6210MC 12MP HD Video Trail Security Camera from 3G Mobile CCTV

LTL Acorn LTL-6210MC 12MP HD Video Trail Security Camera

The Ltl Acorn Ltl-6210M is a step-up to Ltl-5210M. It provides enhanced features and better performances. Bundled with the MMS-module (Multimedia Messaging Service) (Part # LTL-MM2), the standard scouting camera (Part # Ltl-6210MC) can be upgraded to work as a remote cellular camera. With its highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor, the camera detects the sudden change of ambient temperature caused by moving game in a region of interest (ROI), triggers to take pictures/videos, and sends the images via GSM network to the user’s cell phone or email account.With newly added SMS remote control feature you can change the related menu of the camera by sending SMS order to the camera in the specific form of the SMS content

Camera models: (With the same housing)

Model Function
LTL-6210MC With GPRS/MMS/SMTP Module
LTL-6210MM With GPRS/MMS/SMTP Module

MMS Trail Security Camera Features:

· · 5M/12M/2M pixel high-quality resolution.
· 1440 x 1080 / 1280 x 720 / 640x480 H.264/AVC format HD video with audio
· Infrared night vision LEDs 850nm for flash range as far as 75 feet (25m) (No-glow has 39 feet (13m) flash range)
· Video” mode enables camera to take both picture and video at every trigger event
· Continuous shooting interval time about 0.5 or 1.0 seconds (stamp off or On)
· Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode, up to 6 months with 12 x AA batteries)
· Unique side Prep Sensor design provides wider sensing angle and enhances camera’s response speed
· Perform in the most extreme temperatures from -22°F (-30°C) to 158°F (70°C)
· Compact size (5 ½ x 3 ½ x 3 inches). Well designed to deploy covertly Impressively quick trigger time (0.8 second)
· Programmable to work as Time-Lapse camera taking pictures/videos in long range day and night
· When Timer setting on, programmable to only work in specified period every day. This feature can be used together
with Time Lapse feature to meet your timetable
· In camera’s bottom cover built-in 2.0” TFT color display to review images and videos.
· Date, time, temperature, moon phase and battery level can be stamped on picture
· Lockable and password protected
· Send 640 x 480 resolution MMS image
· Setup is a snap by running the user-friendly software on the enclosed CD on the computer,or directly on the built-in TFT display
· Separation of the Camera and the MMS module provides users flexibility: starting with the value models a standard scouting camera,
and upgrading to the premium model with MMS function.
· SD card can be set in “Cycling Save” mode, which automatically deletes the earliest photos or videos and makes room for new ones.
· Advanced Remote Cellular Technology transmits images to your cell phone and/or email account constantly at lower battery consumption
and shorter transmission time,compared to products of its kind on the market.
· Text alert when battery power level goes low
· Check cellular signal reception on the built-in TFT display on the field
· Internal antenna design. External antenna is available when using security box.
· Operates globally via GSM/GPRS network. Supports four bands: 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900MHz.
· Automatically send text alert when battery power level goes low
· Check cellular signal information on the built-in TFT display in the field
· All MMS pictures saved in SD card as well as the original ones
· Internal antenna design makes the camera portable while still emitting strong signal
· Operates globally via GSM/GPRS network. Supports four bands: 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900MHz.

Model Parameters Ltl-6210MC Ltl- 6210MM
Image Sensor 12 Mega Pixels Color CMOS Yes Yes
Pixel Size 2560 x1920 Yes Yes
Lens F=3.1; FOV=52°; Auto IR-Cut Yes Yes
IR Flash 82 Feet/25 Meters; 42 Feet/13 Meters on No-glow Flash Yes Yes
LCD Screen 40.8x30.6mm(2.0"); 960(RGB)*240DOT;
16.7M Color
Yes Yes
Operation Keypad 6 Keys Yes Yes
Memory SD Card (8MB ~ 32GB) Yes Yes
Picture Size 5MP/12MP/2MP =
Yes Yes
Video Size 1440x1080: 15 fps; 1280x720: 30fps;
640x480: 30fps;
Yes Yes
PIR Sensitivity High/Normal/Low Yes Yes
PIR Sensing
82ft/25m(Below 77°F/25°C at the Normal
Yes Yes
Prep PIR
Sensing Angle
Left and right light beams form an angle
of 100°; Each lens covers 10°
Yes Yes
Main PIR Sensing
35° Yes Yes
Operation Mode Day/Night Yes Yes
Trigger Time 0.8 Second (When using the 2G SD card) Yes Yes
Trigger Interval 0sec. - 60min; Programmable Yes Yes
Shooting Numbers 1~3 Yes Yes
Video Length 1-60sec.; Programmable Yes Yes
Camera + Video First take Picture then Video Yes Yes
Playback Zoom In 1~16 Times Yes Yes
Time Stamp On/Off; Include serial No., temperature
and moon phase
Yes Yes
Timer On/Off; Programmable Yes Yes
Password 4-Digit Numbers Yes Yes
Device Serial No. 4 digits and 26 alphabets set by yourself Yes Yes
Time Lapse On/Off; 1 Second ~ 24 Hours
Yes Yes
Beep Sound On/Off; Yes Yes
SD Card cycle
On/Off; Yes Yes
MMS Options VGA = 640x480; SMS = Text Msg.; OFF
Upgradeable Yes
MMS Numbers “0” = Unlimited; 1 ~ 99/Day Upgradeable Yes
MMS Phone No. 1 ~ 3 Phone Numbers Upgradeable Yes
MMS E-mail 1 ~ 3 E-mail addresses Upgradeable Yes
Low-Battery SMS Alert “Battery Low” text alert sent Upgradeable Yes
language setting Change Country Can Setting
Yes Yes
Power Supply 12xAA; Yes Yes
External DC
Power Supply
Plug Size: 4.0mmx1.7mm
6 ~ 12V (2 ~ 1A)
Yes Yes
Stand-by Current 0.4mA Yes Yes
Stand-by Time 4~6 Months(4xAA~12xAA) Yes Yes
Auto Power Off Auto power off in 2 minutes if no keypad
Yes Yes
150mA (+350mA when IR LED lights up) Yes Yes
Low Battery Alert 4.2~4.3V Yes Yes
Interface TV out (NTSC); USB; SD Card Slot; 6V
DC External
Yes Yes
Mounting Strap; Tripod Yes Yes
Waterproof IP54 Yes Yes
-22~+158°F/-30 ~+70°C Yes Yes
5% ~ 95% Yes Yes
Certificate FCC & CE & ROHS Yes Yes


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Megapixels 12MP
trail SMS, MMS, GPRS
Manufacturer LTL Acorn
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