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WH1M0FGVN-G 4G 1.0MP 4G LTE Gun type real time video camera

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WH1M0FGVN-G 4G 1.0MP 4G LTE Gun type real time video camera

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WH1M0FGVN-G 4G 1.0MP 4G LTE Gun type real time video camera from 3G Mobile CCTV


WH1M0FGVN-G 4G 1.0MP 4G LTE Gun type real time video camera

Product Overview
It’s a real 4G network camera, supports both 4G mobile video phone monitoring and 4G traffic way Internet monitoring. It supports the TD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and EVDO standards. The system provides the internet video surveillance software package that includes the windows PC version camera centralized control software, Android Phone/Tablet version client application, iPhone / iPad version client application and Flash-based camera centralized control web application.The system supports the independent sub-stream 720p video recording. It supports maximum 32GB internal TF card storage. It supports 24-hours video recording, scheduled video recording, manual video recording, alarm video recording, video record searching, video record preview and video record download. The video record is stored as the standard AVI file.

Main features:
For 4G mobile video phone monitoring functions including:

  1. Call screening, up to set six license phone number automatically turn on when the permit number calls videophone
  2. Videophone monitoring to ensure that the real-time monitoring of video transmission, content, more privacy, more smoother, sharper video. Mobile video source integration technology, simply a 3G SIM card can operate all the cameras in the LAN via video phone.
  3. Support for simultaneous voice intercom
  4. Through dynamic video prompts and DTMF input control, and manipulation capabilities of 3G mobile phone, including PTZ control, zoom, switching cameras, patrol mirror, video
  5. Mobile phone motion detection arm / disarm

For 3G traffic Internet monitoring functions including:

  1. Automatic dial-up access to the Internet, users can access the camera remotely via the Internet
  2. Client remote Login camera, video surveillance, monitoring, switch camera, patrol mirror, video and other operating
  3. Using H.264 video encoding, support for VGA, QVGA, 720P resolution4.  Using the AMR speech codec5.  Bandwidth adaptive rate algorithm automatically control the monitor image qualityAlarm function including:
  4. The motion detection alarm function, user can set the sensitivity
  5. Optional with infrared, door sensor, smoke detector, gas flu, on the radio, and emergency button alarm accessories
  6. Videophone alarm turn to the preset alarm phone number to call back, can be set up to Six alarm number
  7. Send alarm SMS, SMS alarm to preset numbers can be set up to three alarms number
  8. Take the initiative to connect the alarm platform to upload video in video alarm platform
  9. Front-end video, built-in SD card can be viewed remotely via phone or client

Web configuration management functions including:

  1. A built-in HTTP server to support Web password Login
  2. View equipment operating status: system information, the 4G network (4G operators, network type, registration status, IMEI code, signal strength, SIM card status, a dial-up connection online status, IP address, gateway address, DNS address traffic statistics), alarm settings (fortification disarm state, the state of motion detection settings, the sensor connection status, alarm status parameter of the alarm center, videophone, SMS alarm status, alarm recording parameters Number), Ethernet (MAC address, address type, IP address, subnet mask, gateway address, DNS addresses, Internet connection status), video source (lens type, bit rate, frame rate, resolution, OSD status), the audio source (audio source type (MIC / line-in), audio capture status, audio output status).
  3. Configure the device parameters: Ethernet configuration 4G network configuration, video settings, audio settings, PTZ, motion detection settings, alarm settings, system time set
  4. Management functions: Modify the login password, restore the factory default configuration, log query
  5. Video window function: View real-time video, alarm


1.  Using H.264 video and G.711/G.726 audio compression technologies;
2.  Support multi network protocol, e.g. TCP, UDP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, DHCP, etc.;
3.  Support video parameter dynamic setting;
4.  Support 4G Mobile network TD-LTE;
5 .  Support comprehensive video recording mode (complete video recording, programming video recording, sensor video recording, dynamic detection video recording, emergency manual video recording, alarm video recording, etc.);
6 .  Can download the video files and playback them remotely through the network;
7 .  Support LOS (lose of signal) alarm, video blocking alarm, disconnection alarm and network linkage alarm (optional);
8. Support remote download SD card files;
9. Support heartbeat function to keep the device work regularly and steady;
10. Support OSD overlay and watermark technology;
11. Support multi-level user management function and user name, password encryption function;
12. Built-in programmable system module to support butt joint with various large monitoring platforms;
13. Support night vision;
14. Support 1.0MP 720P live video transmit by 4G

Models WH1M0FGVN-G 4G 1.0MP Gun type video camera
Image Sensor 1/3” 1.0Megapixel  CMOS
Image resolution 1280*720
Video Compression format H.264
3G Network Protocol: TCP, UDP, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, DHCP, etc.
Network interface: 1 RJ45,10/100M self-adaptable Ethernet interface
Video recording Trigger Mode Complete video recording, programming video recording, sensor video recording, motion detection video recording, emergency manual video recording, alarm video recording, etc.
Alarm Support motion detection, Tampering Alarm
Support LOS(lose of signal) alarm, video blocking alarm, disconnection alarm and network linkage alarm(optional)
Support snapshot and video store in local SD Card and transmit to remote server
Local storage Support SD/SDHC, PTZ Dome camera support two SD card storage
Pan/Tilt/zooming Gun type : Don’t support PTZ
Dome:  Range: 360° /90 °(Pan/Tilt) , Zooming:18times Optical zoomPreset point:128   Pan Max rotational speed :240degree/second   Tilt Max:120degree/second
Night vision Gun type: 20-30meters
Dome type: 100-120meters
Operating Condition Outdoor use rate IP66,-20°~60°
Power Supply DC12V/2A±10%

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Brand 3G Mobile

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